Why Colorado Bail Bond Cost isn’t the Only Thing that Matters

  • Post published:March 7, 2016
  • Post category:Bail Bonds


Learn why bail bond cost shouldn't be the main focus.

Most people are very concerned about bail bond cost as they work to get their loved ones released from jail. This is entirely the wrong focus, however. Bail bond cost is a small portion of what is involved with getting someone out of jail, and is often a moot point in many states. Let’s look at exactly what we mean as we delve deeper into cost of bail and why you need to focus on other aspects when searching for a bail agent in Gilpin County or the surrounding area..


Bail Bond Cost: Set by Law in Each State


Most people search high and low for the lowest bail bond price when they hear someone they care about has been arrested. This is a very inexperienced perspective, however. Experienced bail agents, lawyers, and court employees know that in most states, the maximum (and occasionally – minimum) amount that a bail agent can charge is set by law. For example, here in Colorado, bail agents can charge no more than 15% of the full bail amount. This makes searching for the lowest price much less important, as the maximum amount is set by law.


Bail Bond Cost: Avoid Cheap Bail Bonds


When you see cheap bail bonds advertised here in Colorado, you need to be wary. Often, bail agents will offer a price well below the 15% threshold. Unfortunately, these dishonest bail agents often add on junk fees, “taxes,” and other costs in order to meet the 15% maximum. Working with a dishonest bail agent is not advisable, as you will be working with them closely for many months as the criminal case progresses.


Customer Service & Experience: More Important that Bail Bond Cost


When you are looking for a bail bondsman, the most important things you need to consider are their experience and their focus on customer service. The bail system is complex and confusing – working with someone who has experience (especially at the specific jail where your loved one is being held) is priceless. Additionally, when a bail agent is focused on customer service, you will know they are working for you – not to be paid. A good bail agent will focus on helping you during this difficult, confusing time in your life. Looking at reviews from past clients is a good way to gauge whether or not a bail agent is customer-service focused. Additionally, giving a prospective agent a call is often the best way to determine if they are honest.  Give All Day All Night Bail Bonds a call – we are here to help, and offer affordable, fair prices!