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  • A defendant’s release time must be within 6 hours upon ordering a bond (unless the court orders a GPS or another bond condition is holding up the process).

Weld County encompasses all or part of the Municipal Courts of Greeley, Northglenn, Fort Lupton, Eaton, Erie, Brighton, Garden City, Frederick, Firestone, Gilcrest, Johnstown, Hudson, Windsor, Keenesburg, LaSalle, Kersey, Nunn, Milliken, Lochbuie, Severance, Pierce, Mead, Northglenn, Evans, Fort Lupton, LaSalle, and Platteville,

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About the County

Weld County is the relatively flat eastern half of Colorado. The following cities are located in Weld County:

  • Brighton
  • Dacono
  • Evans
  • Fort Lupton
  • Greeley
  • Longmont
  • Northglenn
  • Thornton

The current sheriff of Weld County is Steve Reams. The motto for the county is “Leading with responsive, innovative and cost effective services.” The responsibilities of the sheriff’s department vary, but they include maintaining the detention facility where inmates stay (either awaiting trial, or serving their sentence). The department also provides transportation services for inmates, as well as security in the courtroom, patrol, service of process, and serving on the cross-jurisdiction task force. The position of sheriff is up for election every four years, and is subject to term limits. Weld County is a Home-Rule County, however, so its citizens may elect to change term limits at the ballot box. Over 400 deputies, staff, and administrative personnel work to fulfil the mission of the Weld County Sheriff Department, including providing Weld County bail bonds.

History of Weld County

The original Weld County came from part of Kansas Territory in 1861 with the formation of Colorado Territory. Until 1887, it included the areas of present-day counties of Washington, Logan, Morgan, Yuma, Phillips, and Sedgwick Counties. Today the County Seat of Weld County is The City of Greeley, but it has moved around as much as the county borders. Originally it was St. Vrain, but it failed to flourish and was moved to Latham in 1869, which was really a trail station approximately where Greeley is today. In 1870 the county commissioners accepted land from the Denver Land Association in the town of Evans and it was ordered to be moved. Finally, in 1874 it was moved to Greeley, Colorado by popular vote.

Alas, it was to be moved again – there were some voting irregularities, and the town of Fort Lupton requested a recount that showed the vote had indeed gone in favor of Evans, Colorado. It was returned again to Evans, Colorado. In 1877, another petition to vote was received and voted on by the citizens of Weld County to the favor of Greeley. After some legal wrangling by interests displeased with the outcome, Greeley was finally made the county seat on November 15, 1875.

Despite all the early tumult, Weld County is a wonderful place to live. In fact, famous author James Michener received his master’s degree and later taught at a Weld County university. He used the area as a setting for his well-known historical novel, Centennial.

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