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Detention Center and Court System Information

Court and jail information

The county detention center holds individuals on misdemeanor charges and felonies. About one-third of the detention center population is sentenced to jail. Staff at the detention center provides many resources to individuals held there, including education and treatment. The goal of the detention center is to help individuals in custody gain skills needed when they are released back into the community. Services provided are: Firstly, housing. Secondly, education,. Thirdly, employment. And fourthly, substance abuse treatment. Additionally, it includes mental health treatment, veteran-specific services, and counseling in family and marriage. The courthouse is a historic site that opened in 1912. It was designed by Albert Ross who built it in brick and white sandstone. The courthouse was built from 1908 to 1912, and it was the third building to serve as the county courthouse.

Courthouse staff provides numerous services, such as legal and probation services. They work alongside the Municipal Court which is a “Court of Record.” The Municipal Court’s penalty jurisdiction upon conviction is a fine up to $1,000 or a maximum jail sentence of one year, or a combination of the two. Additionally, the municipal court handles juvenile criminal offenses.

About the County

The following cities and towns are located in Pueblo County:

  • Avondal
  • Beulah Valley
  • Boone
  • Colorado City
  • Pueblo
  • Pueblo Springs Ranch
  •  Rye
  • Pueblo West
  • Salt Creek
  • Vineland

Photo of courthouse
The City of Pueblo’s rich and colorful history dates back to 1842, when it was called Fort Pueblo. What brought the city from a small fort to a major city in Colorado were the ore mines located there. Today, Pueblo is known as “America’s Home of Heroes.” It received this title from Congress in 1993. Pueblo has had four known living Medal of Honor recipients living in their community. Subsequently, every year they host National Medal of Honor Day to honor those heroes who risked everything to serve the United States.

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