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Important Information for Boulder County bail bonds:

Call our agents for detailed information regarding your specific case.

  • The jail requires the bail agent to call and make an appointment at the jail’s discretion.
  • Release time must be within 6 hours once the bond has been ordered (unless a GPS has been ordered or there is another bond condition holding up the process).
  • Boulder County encompasses the Municipal Courts of Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Lyons, Nederland, Superior, and Ward.
  • There are a couple of ways to complete the bail transaction: electronically (faxes, credit card, email), or physically (our agents can meet at the jail)

The Boulder County Sheriff maintains one detention facility in Boulder, Colorado. The jail holds inmates who have been sentenced to a term of confinement in the jail. Additionally, it holds those who are waiting the outcome of their criminal case. The jail staff is responsible for many other duties, include answering out of county warrants, and transporting inmates to and from the courthouse and to other Detention Facilities for court dates. If you wish to get a loved one out of jail, contact us 24/7 and we will get you the help you need.

Every four years the Boulder County Sheriff position is up for election (there are term limits). Additionally, the Sheriff’s Department is also responsible for many other duties, including patrol, crime investigation (for unincorporated areas of the county), service of process, court security, and other areas. In addition, personnel from the Sheriff’s Department also participate in a “task force” that allows them to coordinate, work, and interact with agencies across jurisdictions and boundaries along the Front Range. If you have any questions about how the bail process works, or you need to speak with an agent, contact us for answers!

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Court System Information

Info for court and jail information

About the County

If you are in the Boulder County area, call us to get help immediately. The following cities are located within Boulder County:

  • Boulder
  • Erie (also partly in Weld County)
  • Jamestown
  • Lafayette
  • Longmont (also partly in Weld County)
  • Louisville
  • Lyons
  • Nederland
  • Superior (also partly in Jefferson County)
  • Ward

Picture of the cityBoulder County was formed as one of the original 17 counties of Colorado Territory in 1861. The borders of Boulder County remain nearly unchanged except a small portion of the southeastern corner which became part of the City and County of Broomfield in 2001. Boulder County and its namesake City of Boulder got their start as a destination for miners. Indeed, Colorado’s oldest mining town, which is still occupied – Golden Hill – was started in 1859 just to the west of present-day Boulder.

Boulder County rises from an elevation of 5,000 ft. to over 14,000.ft. and spans from rolling plains to some of the highest peaks in Colorado. Boulder County’s earliest economic activity was centered around mining and services supporting it, but quickly emerged as a center for education as well, with the founding of the University of Colorado. Today Boulder County, and particularly the City of Boulder is a center for science, technology, and information services spurred on by the presence of the University of Colorado. Mining remains a small part of the economy and if you ever want a taste of the old life take a trip up to Golden Hill.

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