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Broomfield County Bail Bonds

Broomfield County bail bonds are made easy with the Broomfield County bail bondsman. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any jail, any time. When you need help, advice, and bail bonds Broomfield County, we are here to provide our service to you.

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Broomfield Bail Bonds Fast!The City and County of Broomfield is a prominent suburb and tier of the Denver metropolitan area. Broomfield is the only city within Broomfield County. Contact us regarding Broomfield County bal bonds. Find information about the Broomfield County Court system, including costs, appearances, locations and divisions of courts, probation information, and other helpful resources by visiting the Combined Court website.

Broomfield County Quick Facts

  • Per bond, a $10 fee is collected by the jail
  • The bail agent (as required by the jail), must
    make an appointment to post bond
  • After posting bail, a defendant’s release time
    is usually around 4-12 hours
  • There are two ways our bail agents can complete
    the bail transaction. Electronically: Via email,
    faxes, and credit cards. In Person: A bail agent can
    meet you in person at the jail
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History of Broomfield County

Bail bonds Broomfield CountyBroomfield County is unique in Colorado as the only county that has a combined city and county police department. The Chief of Police, currently Chief Gary Creager, is both the Police Chief and ex-officio sheriff for the County and City of Broomfield. The City of Broomfield maintains one detention facility. Like other facilities throughout the Front Range, the detention center houses people who are awaiting the outcome of their criminal case, and inmates who are serving their sentence in the jail. If you have a loved one in jail, contact us to learn more about Broomfield County bail bonds.

Unlike other counties, the Broomfield Chief of Police is hired by the city rather than being elected. In addition to responsibility for the City and County Detention facility, the Broomfield Police Department also is responsible for many other duties, such as: court security,transporting inmates to and from court appearances (in and out of county), service of process, participation in the “task force” that crosses jurisdictional borders, the patrol of the entire county and city and many other roles.

About Broomfield

Broomfield is the newest and smallest county in Colorado, becoming official on November 15, 2001. The City of Broomfield was incorporated in in 1961 in the Southeastern border of Boulder County. It continued to grow in population and in geographical size through annexation. Many of those annexations crossed over into neighboring counties causing the city to deal with four different sales tax rates, four court districts, and four county seats. Broomfield has a population that is just below 40,000 and its commercial activity is highly centered on technology giving it one of the highest median income levels in Colorado.

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