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  • Post published:June 15, 2015
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Don’t Be Duped by a Bail Bondsman: 5% Bail Bonds

It is stressful to hire a bail bondsman. Not only are you trying to get yourself or a loved one out of jail, you are tasked with finding a reputable bail bondsman you can trust at an affordable rate. Because bail bonds is a confusing industry, and because people are looking for less expensive options, many bail bond agencies scam people. This is unfortunate. As a trustworthy bail bond agency, we work hard to be reputable and provide quality service to our clients in their time of need. Let’s look closer at a common scam in the bail bonds industry:

The 5% Bail Bonds Scam

When you work with a bail bondsman, you are only required to pay a percentage of the bail amount as a non-returnable fee to the bondsman. The benefit of working with a bondsman is that you’ll have to come up with a much smaller amount of money than if you posted bail yourself. But, because bail amounts can be high, even the smallest percentage can be thousands of dollars. Thus, you are likely looking for a bail bondsman who has a discounted rate. There are hundreds of bail bond companies who offer 5% bail bonds, instead of the usual 10-15% fee. These deeply discounted rates seem to good to be true. That’s because they aren’t real.

So, how come company X is so much cheaper than Y? It’s a scam: They aren’t cheaper.

In most states, the amount a bail agent can charge per bond is set according to state law. So, most likely the company offering you 5% bail is trying to get you in the door; you’ll quickly see the real costs rise after you sign the contract. Put simply, the discounted rate is most likely the amount of money you’ll need to move forward with a payment plan.

Find a Trustworthy Bail Bonds Agent

If you’re looking for a bail bondsman to get yourself or a loved one out of jail, look for someone who is upfront about the cost. Deceptive bail agencies won’t want to discuss fees with you. A trustworthy bail agent will work hard to find a payment plan that works well for your budget – without lying about the cost. We genuinely care about our clients – we want to help them in their time of need as they begin their journey through the criminal justice system. Call us to learn more about how bail bonds can help you get a loved one out of jail!