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Court System Information

Court information for Colorado Springs area

About the County

This county is the second most populous in Colorado and centrally located in the state. The following cities are located in this county:

  • Calhan
  • Colorado Springs
  • Fountain
  • Green Mountain Falls
  • Manitou Springs
  • Monument
  • Palmer Lake
  • Ramah
El Paso County Bail Bonds - Judicial Building

About the Jail

With the detention facility being located in Colorado Springs Colorado, our agents can meet at the jail and carry out the bail process easily. What is needed to know in order to settle the bail bonds too is made available on hand. At the facility in Brighton, the jail charges a $10 dollar fee on each bond allotted. When attempting to post bail, it is necessary for the bail agent to make an appointment with the facility to do so. After posting the bail, release time is generally in the area of 4-12 hours prior. The cities which are in the jurisdiction of the jail facility are anywhere in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. Carrying out the posting of bail can be done either by having the agent meet at the facility, or all online by fax and credit card information.

History of the County

El Paso County, formed in 1871, was formed in Colorado’s 5th congressional district. Colorado Springs has been the County which houses the seat since 1871, which completed the county. It is one of 64 counties in Colorado, with a population of 622,263, making it the most populated county in Colorado. The County typically votes Republican, as the last Democratic party to win the county was Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. El Paso was named using the Spanish name for Ute Pass just north of Pikes Peak. The facility is located in Colorado Springs, with the courthouse being easily accessible. For inmate information, inquiries can be made over the phone or online on the county facilities website. The courthouse is open weekdays 8-5pm, with 719-452-5000 being given to contact for information needed. Bail bonds are easily obtained by speaking with one of our helpful agents.