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When attempting to get bail bonds, it is necessary to contact an office that is available to offer fast and friendly services in the process. All Day All Night Bail Bonds resides within Gilpin County, and we are experienced in the field, having provided services for many year. We can answer any questions you have about bail bonds. Unlike many other bail bonds companies, we are open every holiday. Because of the unpredictability of the industry, it is that we are available at all times. Learn more about how bail bonds and the bail process works.

Having over 35 years of experience with all criminal charges, All Day All Night Bail Bonds has been widely successful in the business of bail bonds in Gilpin County. Small and large bails are available, as well as discounts on larger bonds. Walkthru bonds are supported through the office, so the entire process is made much simpler. Juvenile bonds are also supported through the office. We are lawyer recommended, and out of state cosigners are welcomed as well. For Bonding and Inmate info through Gilpin County, over the phone, information through the office is easily accessible and reachable. The facility is located at 2960 Dory Hill Road, Suite 350 in Golden, CO. The county courts are located at 2960 Dory Hill Road, Suite 200 in Blackhawk, CO.

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About the County

Gilpin county is a small county located in the Rocky Mountains. The following cities are located in Gilpin County:

  • Black Hawk
  • Central City
  • Nevadaville
  • Rollinsville
  • Russell Gulch
Gilpin County Seal

Gilpin County is the second smallest county in all of Colorado (the first being Denver, at a 5,441 population count when last counted in 2010). The county seat is currently located in Central City, Colorado. The county was formed in 1861, while Colorado was still a territory. Gilpin County is part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metropolitan Statistical Area. Gilpin County occupies 150 square miles of land, and .4 square miles of water. The Golden Gate Canyon State Park is protected by the county and state of Colorado. The population density when last counted was at 32 people per square mile, with 2,929 housing units in an area of 20 square miles. Communities located in the county are Black Hawk, Central City, Nevadaville, Rollinsville, Russell Gulch. The Central City/Blackhawk historic district is located within Gilpin County. The historic district was once known by “The richest square mile on Earth”. The district was then named a historic landmark on July 4th, 1961. On May 5th. 1859, the first deposit of gold was found within the area, which catapulted the land to the front pages. Central City was the largest city in the territory before Denver became a state, barely losing to Denver for the State Capitol. In recent years, the area approved casinos in the county, and thus has received more attention and funds because of the recent changes.