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  • Once you order a bond, release time must be within 6 hours (unless a GPS is ordered, or there is another bond condition holding up the process).
  • Fremont County includes the cities and towns of Canon City, Florence, Brookside, Coal Creek, Coaldale, Cotopaxi, Hillside, Howard, Portland, Prospect Heights, Rockvale, Swissvale, Wellsville, and Williamsburg.
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Court System Information

The employees of the sheriff’s department work to provide services to the community. Firstly, this includes the maintenance of the detention facility. Secondly, transportation for inmates (to and from court dates). Thirdly, security in the courtroom. Fourthly, answering out-of-county warrants. Additionally, it includes the investigation of crime in unincorporated areas, patrol, service of process, and serving on the task force that interacts across jurisdictions.

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About the County

Picture of Royal GorgeFremont County is one of the original Colorado counties. The city began in 1861, while county itself  came into existence one year later. Fremont County got its name from the famed explorer and presidential candidate John C. Fremont. His scout, Kit Carson, also mapped the area. The area comprising Fremont County was first claimed by the Spanish. The US acquired the territory north of the Arkansas River in the Louisiana Purchase from France. Mexico laid claim to the area south of the river with her independence from Spain. Consequently, the Republic of Texas then laid claim to the same area. The entire area was annexed by the US after the Mexican-American War in 1845. Of course, long before any of the aforementioned visited the area, the Ute, Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Blackfoot, and Comanche Native Americans frequented the area.

Formation of the City

The Canon City Claim Club planned out the city in 1860. The intention was to develop coal, iron, gypsum, marble, and granite. With the arrival of the US Civil War, and a failure to find any gold, the population of Canon City fell precipitously. By some accounts the population fell from nearly a thousand to twenty five people. The first Territorial Prison was built in Canon City in 1871 and to this day the prison system remains a primary driver in the economy of Fremont County.

Correctional Facilities in the County

The administrative offices of the Colorado Department of Corrections are found in Colorado Springs. The Colorado State Penitentiary itself is still located in Canon City. Fremont County is also home to 14 other correctional facilities and the ADX Supermax at Florence, the only Supermax Prison in the Federal Department of Corrections. The prison system, in addition to driving the economy, also gives Fremont County the unique distinction of being the US county with the highest proportion of residents being incarcerated, currently 20%. Today, Fremont County is an excellent place to hike, bike, or ride horseback. Also, rafting is popular in the area, due to the Arkansas River. The famous Royal Gorge is also included in its borders, offering a beautiful view of one of the deepest gorges in Colorado. Known as the “Grand Canyon of the Arkansas,” it is considered a world wonder, due to its rare red granite formations.