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Arrests are unpredictable. They don’t happen during regular business hours. Subsequently, it is important to work with a bail bondsman who is available any time, and offers fast and friendly service.

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All Day All Night Bail Bonds excellent customer service. We also build relationships with correctional officers, lawyers, judges, and clerks of courts. When you work with a Logan County bondsman, you will only need to pay a percentage of thefull bail amount. Thereafter, you can get out of jail immediately.Our experience agents make it easy to return to everyday life, so you can go back to work and save for any expenses. Additionally, our agents also assist people in the process of getting a new job.

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All Day All Night Bail Bonds has been in business for years. We provide responsible and professional services to our clients. Additionally, we maintain relationships with the client by communicating court dates and providing information on where to go after the process is over. Our employees, law enforcement, and court personnel all work closely together to ensure we carry out the process properly, which is why our company has such high ratings (learn more).

About the County

Logan county located in the north eastern corner of Colorado. The following cities are located in Logan County:

  • Atwood
  • Crook
  • Fleming
  • Iliff
  • Merino
  • Padroni
  • Peetz
  • Proctor
  • Sterling
Local courthouse

Long’s expedition of the South Platte River in 1820 was the precursor to Fremont’s exploration years lander. In the 1860’s, the Overland Trail was used by many pioneers, miners, and frontiersmen. During this time, the area that was to become Logan County was a treeless wasteland. Big herds of cattle were fattened on the plains, and there were very few settlers. But, in 1887, Logan County was separated from Weld County, becoming it’s own county. During this time, the population of Colorado doubled.

The County Seat

The county seat is Sterling, about 140 miles from Denver. It was named after of a city with the same name in another state. Logan County, as of 2010 had 22,709 people living in the area. The county consists of 1,845 acrs, 1,839 of which are land, and 6.3 square miles of the county’s makeup is water. There are currently 7,551 homes located within the county, of which 31.90% have a child under the age of 18 residing. 54% were married couples living together, 9% had a female householder with no husband, and 12.4% were 65 year and over homeowners that lived by themselves.

Communities within the county include Atwood, Crook, Fleming, Lliff, Merino, Padroni, Peetz, Proctor, and Sterling. Sterling currently is home of the seat, and has a facility and courtrooms within the vicinity. North Sterling State Park is the state protected area within the county, the Park is home to over 100 camping spots, a swimming beach, and a visitors center. Also residing within the Park is a warm water reservoir. Stocked with Walleye, Wiper, Bass, Yellow Perch, and Channel Fish the camping site, and beach both receive ample public visitations every year.

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