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About Loveland's Police Department

The mission statement of the Loveland Police department is “to protect the rights guaranteed to all people by the constitution, and improve the quality of life of each citizen.” The Loveland Police department is committed to accomplishing its mission in various ways.

  • Firstly, they promise to identify problems in the community and intervene as necessary.
  • Secondly, they are devoted to protecting those in harm’s way. This includes assisting the safe and free movement of people and traffic within the community.

Furthermore, the Loveland police department works alongside the Larimer County Jail to keep the community safe and peaceful. The jail houses subjects facing all levels of charges. The sheriff and deputies are responsible for accompanying inmates to court dates and transferring them to other facilities.

The jail operates using the Direct Supervision Philosophy of inmate management. This philosophy keeps inmate’s time occupied by having them participate in positive activities. These activities keep the atmosphere safe and keeps the inmates out of trouble by keeping them busy.

Police department information

These activities include jobs, educational programs, and religious programs. The inmates are responsible for meal preparation, laundry and laundry distribution, cleaning the facilities, and so on. Additionally, keeping the inmates busy with these jobs also cuts down on taxpayer dollars because the jail does not need to then employ outside help to do these tasks. The Larimer County Municipal Court handles all court cases for those incarcerated at the county jail. The municipal court processes approximately 12,000 cases a year. They handle traffic violations, formal arraignment on all other charges, advisement of legal rights and procedures, provision of trial by jury, sentencing of convicted violators, and record keeping. The municipal court also accepts payment of fines.

About the City

Photo of mountainsLoveland, Colorado is located just fifty miles North of Denver, nestled comfortably in the Rocky Mountain foothills. It was founded in 1877 along the Colorado Central Railroad. Before that time, however, it is believed that it was a settlement called Miraville, which was a stage coach station on the Overland Stage Line. The emergence of modern-day Loveland began when a man named David Barnes took over a big farm in the area. This took place because his friend – William A.H. Loveland (the president of the Colorado Central Railroad) – told him that a line of the railroad would soon extend to the area. Many believe the city should be named after Barnes, but he chose to name it after his good friend, William A.H. Loveland.

Loveland Today

Early in its history, the city was dependent largely on agriculture. Since then, however, many large manufacturers and companies are in the area, drawing many people to the city of Loveland. Today, its population is around 71,334 people, and is a popular tourist destination. Due to its location near the mountains it is popular for outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. Additionally, it is known for its creative centers and art galleries. It averages 300 days of sunshine every year, making it an ideal place for outdoor activities and work commute.

If you or a loved one is in jail after an arrest, it is important to contact a 24/7 bail agency, because arrests aren’t conenvient. They don’t usually take place during regular business hours. Bail bonds Loveland CO agents from All Day All Night Bail Bonds are here to help assist you with cash and surety bonds so that you or a loved one do not have to wait at the jail until the court date. Instead of waiting in jail, you can contact an experienced bail bondsman to help you get your own (or a loved one’s) release from jail quickly. Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that it can take two to ten hours for the jail to process the bail or bond before an inmate can be released.

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After the defendant attends all their scheduled court dates, they then get their bail money reimbursed (note: the bail agent fee is not reimbursed, however). Individuals arrested in Loveland are taken to the Larimer County Jail. To find the type of bail bonds Loveland CO an individual requires one can visit the jail website.

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