Number One Tip for Defendants: Right to Remain Silent

  • Post published:February 1, 2016
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Learn about the right to remain silent

Many people search the internet for tips and advice for defendants and their families. How do you choose a lawyer? What does it cost to get out of jail? How serious are the charges I’m facing? Should I use a public defender? All these questions are important to ask. A criminal case is a serious matter, and getting advice is important. But as Broomfield County bail agents, we’ve found the number one tip for defendants is this: You need to exercise your right to remain silent.


What is the Right to Remain Silent, Anyway?


The “right to remain silent” suffers from a malady common in our culture: We hear this terminology so often on TV and in the movies, it tends to get lost. Many people think this right is only for those who are guilty – if you’re innocent, you have nothing to hide. Unfortunately, this isn’t the way it works. The right to remain silent is a legal right granted to citizens who have been arrested under suspicion of committing a crime. Included in the Miranda Rights, the right to remain silent is designed to protect this person while undergoing questioning. Simply put, you don’t have to answer questions about your criminal case (other than general booking information), without first speaking to a lawyer. It is important to understand that everything the arrested person says is being recorded or watched, and if evidence, testimony, or an admission of guilt is made, it will be used against them in the trial. This can make criminal cases very difficult to win.


Loved One Arrested? Get Them Released Fast!


If you just got the call that your loved one was arrested, it is important that you tell them not to speak about their case on the phone (jail phones record conversations). Tell them they need to invoke their right to remain silent, and their right to an attorney. Meanwhile, call All Day All Night Bail Colorado to get bail bonds for a fast release. Your loved one shouldn’t sit in jail any longer than they have to. Give us a call and we’ll get them released quickly!