The Colorado Bail Industry: Helping Good People Get Back On Track

  • Post published:December 28, 2015
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Bail industry - how it benefits societyThe Greeley bail industry, and the industry in general constantly gets a bad rap. Most articles in the news or online are negative when it comes to bail bondsman and bail bonds. And, depictions of bail bonding on TV or in movies are often negative as well. Is this the truth? Unfortunately, the media fails to depict the beneficial, good side of the bail industry. Let’s look at just how the work of bail bondsmen benefit the criminal justice system and people who simply made a mistake and want to get back on track.


Bail Agents & the Bail Industry: Working to Better the Criminal Justice System


In the United States, there are approximately over 14,000 bail agents. Bail bondsmen play an important role in the criminal justice system working well. Here are a few ways in which they do this:

1. Showing Up for Court:

Bail agents work to make sure that defendants show up for court. This means that justice is served. The court system can’t work effectively if people don’t show up when and where they are supposed to. When defendants appear when they are supposed to, they are allowed to tell their side of the story. The alleged victim is allowed to tell their story, and justice is allowed to work itself out.

2. They Save People Money:

The bail system can be expensive. While bail amounts must be fair, they still aren’t always manageable. Bail bondsman work to provide affordable bail options, which save people money.

3. They Give People a Second Chance:

Bail agents work to give defendants a second chance. By offering affordable, fast bail, they make it possible for good people who made a mistake to quickly be released and begin planning their defense.


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