Bail Insights: Contacting Someone Who’s Been Arrested

  • Post published:April 29, 2017
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Contacting Someone Who's Been ArrestedWhen you’ve received news that a friend or loved one has been arrested we understand one of the first things you may want is to get in touch with them.  Unfortunately contacting your friend or loved one after they’ve been arrested may not be as easy as it sounds.  Today we’re going to give you insight on how to contact them or why you may not be able to reach them.  Let’s have a look why you might not be able to contact your friend or loved one.

The Booking Process isn’t Complete

When someone is arrested they go through a process called booking.  During the booking process the defendant is fingerprinted, mugshots are taken and a background check is run.  Depending on where they are in the process the defendant may not be available to take or make phone calls.  This is where contacting a bail bond agent is helpful since they can contact the jail or prison and find out where they are in the process.

No Phone Access

Another common reason why you may not be able to reach your friend or not depends on their situation.  In many cases belongings including cell phones are confiscated during the arrest and the defendant will not have access to their personal items until they’re released.

Contacting Someone Who’s Been Arrested

So, how can you get in touch with someone after they’ve been arrested?  During the booking process staff may allow inmates to make non-toll calls to secure bond or notify family.  After the initial call the defendant will not be allowed to make non-toll calls.  All other calls to friends, family, employers must be made on collect call telephones.  This poses as an obstacle since any form of currency on the defendant is confiscated during the arrest and booking process and they need money to make collect calls.  By contacting the jails inmate services unit family and friends may deposit money into the defendant’s account so they can make outgoing calls.

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