The Arrest and Booking Process in the Denver Area

  • Post published:January 11, 2016
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Getting arrested isn’t pleasant. Most people know this at heart, but don’t really know the details. If you just got the call that a loved one was arrested in Arapahoe County or anywhere in the surrounding Denver area, you are likely feeling quite panicked. What do you do to help them? What are they going through? What happens during the arrest and booking process? Much of the stress of dealing with the arrest of a loved one is the unknown. It is helpful to know what they are going through, and focus on next steps for helping them get out of jail and fighting the charges they now face. As experienced bail agents in the Denver area for years, we have the knowledge you need. Read this post to learn about the arrest and booking process, and give us a call to get more information and learn how to get your friend released from jail quickly!

 – The Arrest Process in Colorado

People are arrested in many different scenarios. In some cases, the arrest occurs at the scene of the alleged crime. For example, when police arrive at a home after a Domestic Violence call, they are required by law to make an arrest. Or, if an officer believes they have probable cause for a DUI arrest, it can happen right there on the spot. In some cases, however, arrests happen after the police have gathered enough evidence to obtain an arrest warrant from a judge. Either way, once a person has been arrested, they will be taken to the nearest jail, or the jail in the county where the alleged crime was committed.

 – The Booking Process in Colorado

Once a person has been arrested, they will be taken to jail to be booked. The booking process can take quite a lot of time, depending on the jail and how busy or efficient they are. There are many processes included in booking. They include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Background Check
  • Mug Shot Taken
  • Questioning
  • Body Search
  • Medical Examination

There are various reasons behind each and every part of the booking process. The background check is to determine whether or not the defendant has a criminal history and any outstanding warrants. The mug shot is used to catalog the physical appearance and condition of the defendant at the time of the arrest, and can also be used in a photo lineup for identification by the alleged victim.

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