The Arrest Process: Understand So You Know How to Help

  • Post published:June 18, 2016
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Understanding the CO Arrest ProcessWe see the arrest process each and every day on the news, on TV, and in the movies. But, seeing it portrayed on the screen is different from actually experience it. As bail bondsmen in Colorado, we have years of experience helping people who have been arrested. It’s important to understand the arrest process, so that you understand the best way to help.


Basics of the Arrest Process


It is important to understand that law enforcement officers have to follow a specific protocol when making arrests. Here is a basic overview of the different steps of the process.


1. Making the Arrest

Most people think that arrests happen at the scene of an alleged crime. While this does happen, in many cases, the police investigate a reported crime before making an arrest. After they have gathered enough evidence to prove probable cause that someone has committed the offense, the police office will go to a judge and request an arrest warrant. Once this is granted, the police officer can make the arrest at any point.

2. Reading the Miranda Rights

There is a basic misunderstanding of when the police must read you your rights. According to law, they must be read only when a person is in police custody, and is being interrogated. Many people don’t understand this, and answer questions that result in their arrest. It is important to only speak with the police with your lawyer present.

3. Booking

Once a person has been arrested, they will be taken to the police station for booking. The booking process can take a while, depending on how busy the jail is. During booking, a background check will be done, fingerprints will be taken, mug shots will be shot, a full body search will be completed, and all the personal belongings of the arrested person will be taken. In some states, the defendant is allowed a phone call to family members or friends, while in other states, the phone call must be to a bail agent or lawyer.


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Once a person has been arrested, it is important that friends and family members work to get them released as quickly as possible. Sitting in jail is difficult, both physically and mentally. Getting the arrested person back home is crucial for their defense and future. If you have a friend or family member who has been arrested, call All Day All Night Bail Bonds for fast, affordable service!