What to do if there is a warrant out for your arrest

  • Post published:July 24, 2019
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

If you have been tossing and turning trying to figure out what to do about an outstanding warrant for your arrest, and then worry no more because we are here to help! Here is some basic information to help you figure out the next steps into what to do and hopefully keep you out of jail.

Figure out what the warrant is for

First of all, if you are unsure if you have a standing warrant, the first step would be to see if there actually is one and what it is for. Warrants, in general, happen for a few different reasons. Either the defendant did not show up to a scheduled court hearing in which case the court issues a bench warrant, or if the person is suspected of a crime and there is potential evidence, then a judge will sign a warrant but only after there has been an investigation. Warrants don’t always mean that a person will be arrested right away, however. In order to verify if there is actually a warrant out for a person’s arrest, they can contact a local bail bondsman who will have the ability to do a warrant search.

What to do if there is a warrant

If after conduction a warrant search, you do find that there is in fact a warrant for your arrest, then it is probably best to get in contact with a lawyer to see what is the best way forward. They may recommend for you to work with a bail bondsman to first negotiate a pre-arranged bail so that when you turn yourself in there won’t be the need for jail time. This does one of two things. It gives you more control over the situation to avoid jail and also shows the judge that you are trying to be responsible and proactive which could help with a more favorable outcome from the courts.

Call All Day All Night Bail Bonds

Overall, if you are still not sure but have a feeling that you may have a warrant out for your arrest, please feel free to give us a call and we can help to figure out a way to deal with the situation and hopefully avoid jail altogether.