What Info Should I Know Before I Call A Bail Agent?

  • Post published:February 6, 2019
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Here is a list of important information you should gather before reaching out to a Denver Bail Bondsman:

  • Where is the person being held? (Be sure that you ask the person in custody where they are being held including the city, state, and the name of jail). An agent will use this information to locate them.
  • What is the first and last name and booking number of person in jail? The bondsman needs this info when contacting the facility. We can get the booking number for you if you forgot or if it was not available.
  • What is the amount of the bail bond? Our agents can find this information when they contact the jail if you do not have it, but it will speed the process up if you can get it in advance. Knowing the bail will allow us to figure the cost to YOU when posting a bond and any requirements to get the person out of jail.