What if You Can’t Make Your Court Date?

  • Post published:December 14, 2018
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

December in Colorado can be pretty unpredictable. Especially when it comes to weather and arrests! Everyone knows that over the holidays the rate of arrests goes through the roof. This is because more and more people are attending holiday parties and spending time with friends and family. Which of course, leads to plenty of drinking and unusual behavior. Not only that, but time off of work as well as snow days and bad weather play into additional arrests. Unfortunately, inclement weather can also cause other issues. In today’s post we’re going to look at a common question, what if you can’t make your court date? Let’s begin!

What if you can’t make your Court Date?

When inclement weather hits it can be tempting to stay inside and avoid leaving your home at all costs. If you have a court date, however, you may not have that luxury! We’ve heard countless stories of defendants who, while out on bail, have failed to appear to court because of the weather! Many of them explained that because local businesses and even school districts shut down they thought they wouldn’t need to appear to court.

We cannot stress enough the importance of making your court date. However, if for any reason you think you might not be able to appear in court there are a few things we recommend you do at once –

  • Contact Your Bail Agent
  • Contact Your Local Police
  • Reach Out to Friends/Family

Many bail agents will work with you to help you appear in court when you need to – some agents will even offer to pick you up and give you a ride to court. If you are unable to get in touch with your bail agent you might be able to receive assistance from your local police. And lastly, if you are unable to make it to your court hearing because of weather or other circumstances. Reaching to your friends and family and asking for help getting to court might be your best option. Because missing your court date can have serious ramifications we recommend doing everything in your power to appear on time – snow or shine!

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