What happens when you are arrested while enlisted

  • Post published:November 17, 2019
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Getting arrested for anybody is a troubling experience but if you are someone who has enlisted, it can come with a lot more complications because you not only have to deal with the consequences of the law but also the strict code within the armed services. Here is a quick overview of what some key differences are between someone in service and that of a civilian.

Help with lawyers

A benefit of being enlisted is if needed and if you qualify, you are able to get legal help with the government beyond just a public defender. This qualification usually comes with how long you have served as well a financial need but most people usually qualify.

Flexibility with court dates

While it may not help too much with personal issues, if the reason a defendant has to miss a scheduled hearing is due to service commitments, then the courts will tend to be much more lenient about offering flexibility. If they cannot make it because they have to travel overseas for duty or anything in that realm, then most likely the courts will simply just reschedule for when the defendant returns.

Losing rank

Although there may be some benefits to being arrested while enlisted, for the most part, there are far more negative consequences. Servicemen are supposed to set examples for proper etiquette, so when one gets arrested it is looked at as a tarnish to the reputation of the armed services as a whole. Depending on the severity of the crime, this could even cause someone to lose their rank due to bad behavior. While it is not always the case, it is something the military takes quite seriously.

Discharged for misconduct

To push it even a step further, some crimes can get you dishonorably discharged for misconduct. As said, the code of the armed forces is taken very seriously and if the reputation is severely tarnished then superiors will come to the conclusion that it is best to part ways.