What do I do if I can’t make my hearing?

  • Post published:November 4, 2019
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Of course when out on bail, making that scheduled hearing will be anyone’s number one priority. Not only because of the importance of showing up but also just to put the whole experience behind them. But as winter is coming and things out of our control happen, what do we do if for any reason we aren’t able to make our court date? Will we automatically go to jail? Will all the bond money be forfeited? Will my Indemnitor be in trouble too? First of all, don’t panic! While it is incredibly important to show up for that court date at all costs, the courts also know that sometimes things happen but in order to show that you are sincere in your intentions, communication is key. Here are the people you should get in touch with ASAP.

The bail bondsman you worked with

If you used a bail bondsman then they are on the line in regards to you showing up for that court hearing. It is incredibly important that if you are having some type of emergency that is preventing you from going to your court hearing that they are the first to hear about it. They may also give you advice on how to go about rescheduling or what steps need to be taken.

Your Local Police

Also imperative is, get in touch with your local police and as soon as possible. You don’t just want to not show up and call them a few days after trying to clarify the situation because it may be that you will end up in jail beforehand.

Any friends or family involved with your bond

Did you have a loved one sign on as an Indemnitor? Then you should absolutely get in touch with them and let them know your situation. Just like the bail bondsman, they are technically on the line and need to be kept up to date in case the bail bonds agency needs information about your whereabouts (though they shouldn’t since you already talked to them as well!) Overall, things happen. Weather can get bad, unexpected situations occur all the time. While you should absolutely do everything within your power to get to your scheduled hearing, if for any reason that just is not possible, just know that it doesn’t mean you automatically go to jail. If there is clear communication and intent then most likely some type of rescheduling could probably be worked out.

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