What Are Unbailable Offenses

  • Post published:May 4, 2019
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

If you are a first time offender, odds are once it comes time to setting bail, you will have no problem getting granted bail. However, there are a few exceptions to this. Not all crimes are created equal nor situations. So while for the vast majority, a set bail will be approved, there are some offenses that are just not bailable. Here is a closer look at what instances will not allow for any type of release before trial.


If someone is being charged with killing someone then they are considered a danger to society and they will not be offered the option of bail. It does not matter what the circumstances are regarding the crime such as if it was premeditated or even an accident. When someone is being charged with a crime as severe as murder then they will be detained until the trial concludes.


Like murder, terrorism is an instance that is basically guaranteed an unbailable offense. Once again, it does not matter how many people were harmed or even if the attempt was successful, if you are involved in a terrorist plot then you will not be released from jail regardless of circumstance.

Violent Felonies

More violent crimes such as rape or armed robbery are considered serious enough that the defendant could be thought of as a risk to have within the general population and thus should remain detained while waiting for their hearing. This is not an absolute like it is for things like the other two categories but more likely than not, if the defendant is considered dangerous, they will not be approved for bail.

Repeat Offense While On Bail

If you get arrested while currently on bail then the chances of being granted bail again are greatly decreased. Bail is seen as a privilege but if it is violated then the judge will take that into serious consideration when deciding to allow for the option again.