Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Greeley Bail Agent

  • Post published:September 18, 2015
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Greeley Bail agentThe legal system is complex. And, if you’ve never dealt with it before, it can be confusing. It can be difficult to know what questions to ask to make sure you’re working with a legitimate bondsman, paying the right amount, or whether you need to get a bail bond in the first place. That’s why we wrote this blog: as experienced bail bondsman operating in Greeley and across Colorado. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you first start looking for a bail bondsman to get Greeley bail bonds.



1. Look for a 24/7 Bail Bondsman


Most arrests don’t happen from 9-5. A reputable bail bondsman will know this and will be available 24/7, when you need them, not when it’s convenient for them to work. Look for someone who is available 24-hours a day so you know you’ll get the customer service you deserve.


2. Verify a Bail Agent is Fully Licensed


Did you know you can check to make sure a bail agency is fully licensed? Simply call and ask for their license number so you can check in the state where you’re looking for a bail bondsman. They should have no problem giving it to you if they have nothing to hide.


3. Check Bail Costs in Your State


Each state has different laws and regulations regarding bail bond amounts. For example, here in Colorado, the maximum bail bond amount is 15%. Some states have a minimum bail bond amount (if a bail agent quotes you a lower price than this, you know they are bogus).


Call All Day All Night Bail Bonds for Expert Help 24/7


The hours after the arrest of a loved one are difficult. There are so many things to consider, and you likely don’t even know where to begin. Don’t hesitate to call one of our reputable, helpful bail bondsman here at All Day All Night Bail Bonds. We understand this is a difficult time, which is why we focus on customer service and helping you get the answers you’re searching for. We have worked in the bail industry and court system for years and will have invaluable insight into how you can best help you loved one. Call us day or night, seven days a week!