Tips for working with a bail bondsman

  • Post published:June 13, 2019
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

               Getting arrested can be a scary and overwhelming experience and then even more so when trying to figure out how to be released from jail. There are a couple of options to explore in ways to be released but if you or a loved one decide to go with a bail bondsman to facilitate release, then read on to help the process go smoothly and effortlessly!

 Have pertinent information

When first getting in contact with a bail bondsman, they will ask for some information to help them get started with paperwork as well as assess if they will be able to help with the situation. Typically a bail bondsman will ask for the following information:

                1.) Where the defendant is being held and what their number is

                2.) Basic contact information such as name, phone number, home address etc.

                3.) Any past offenses and information on what charges are being brought against them.

                4.) Cost of the bond

Decide the best way to afford the bond

In general, the largest benefit of using a bail bonds agent to negotiate release as opposed to just paying cash bond would be that it gives the defendant and any indemnitors an opportunity to post bond with a mere fraction of the full bail cost. But even with such steep deductions, when talking about bail costs in the thousand and in some cases even millions, even a 10% down cost can be unaffordable. Because of this, some bail bonds companies will, in addition to cash and credit cards, will offer other options such as collateral where you can put up an item of value such as cars, jewelry, property and so forth to place hold while getting money together or some even offer payment plans to help ease the burden.

Wait for release

Once the paperwork is complete, the defendant can be released as quickly as a half and hour after posting bond to up to 12 hours depending on the rules of the court.