The Booking Process

  • Post published:March 20, 2020
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

If you have never had any real direct contact with law enforcement, let alone dealing with being arrested then the process may come off as very anxiety-inducing and unnerving especially when going through the booking process. The booking process is what happens after you are detained and it is where your information is collected and registered in a database. Here is a quick overview of what happens in the booking process.

Standard Information

When you are first brought in the officer will ask you basic information such as your name, address as well as information about the charges brought against you. They do this to start the process of creating a report.

Mug Shot

At this point, they will take a picture of your face from the front and side with your id number and name.

Collection of personal belongings

After the mugshot, they will collect your personal belongings for safekeeping and issue you a jail uniform. When you are released you will receive your belongings back for the exception of anything contraband such as anything that could be considered evidence.


Once you are changed, your fingerprints will be taken to add to your file.

Body Search

A full body search will be conducted to make sure that there are not any contraband items or drugs that could be snuck in.

Check for warrants

This is done to see if law enforcement could possibly solve any other crimes that might be in some way connected to the current arrest.

Health Check

Health checks are performed to make sure that you are in good enough condition to not only be put with others but that you are also not injured or sick for your own safety. This exam will be a lot like any routine checkup but blood tests may also be done.


This is where the defendant will be held until they either have their hearing or bond has been paid, whichever comes first.