The 4 Main Things that Influence How High Your CO Bail Is

  • Post published:September 22, 2015
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High Bail in Colorado: 4 Things that Affect ItYou just got the news that a friend of yours was arrested last night. You know you want to bail him out, no matter the cost, but you are still wondering exactly why his bail amount is so high. After all, what landed him in jail wasn’t that big of a deal. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at a common question: What influences the bail amount in a criminal case? In most cases, bail is set according to schedule – i.e., according to the law. In these situations, bail can be set very quickly and the defendant can go home quickly. In some cases, however, setting bail is a much more involved process. Remember – if you need bail bonds in Greeley, don’t hesitate to call All Day All Night Bail – we are here to help!






Possible Reasons for a High Bail Amount in Colorado


1. Criminal History

When the court (or judge) sets bail for an arrestee, they look at the defendant’s criminal history. Repeat offenders are treated more severely in the criminal justice system. If someone has been arrested multiple times for a similar or related offense, they’ll likely set a higher bail amount.

2. Court Appearance History

Another factor the court looks at when they set bail, is how good the defendant is at appearing for all court dates. If a defendant has missed court dates in the past, they may decide they are at risk of taking off and will set the bail amount higher than usual.

3. Job and Community Status

Additionally, a defendant’s job status and standing within the community are also considered when bail is set. If an arrestee has a good job, judges sometimes don’t set as high of a bail amount, because they don’t want the defendant to be unable to pay and lose their employment. Additionally, bail may be set lower if the defendant has family and community ties to an area, because they are less like to leave town to avoid justice.  Conversely, if an arrestee isn’t from the area, or has a good amount of money on-hand, the court may set a higher bail amount, because these two factors make them more of a risk of flight.

4. Severity of the Offense

The biggest factor in the bail amount decision is the crime the defendant is accused of committing. More serious offenses result in a higher bail amount that less-serious crimes. For example, traffic offenses will receive a much lower bail amount than a violent or dangerous offense like DUI or Assault. If a crime is especially serious, judges can even deny bail.

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Disclaimer: This blog post does not constitute legal advice. Please consult with a lawyer to determine specific details about your bail amount in your criminal case.