Summertime Bail Bonds in Denver

  • Post published:July 14, 2015
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Summertime bail bonds form All Day All Night Bail in DenverDid you know that crime rates increase in the summertime? According to the Department of Justice, there are 10.5% more burglaries in the summer than there are in the winter. More arrests equal more need for bail bonds in Broomfield and throughout Colorado, so our business sees an increase as well. But, exactly why would this happen?


Why is there More Crime in the Summer?


I once spoke with a criminal defense attorney who said his noticeably increased on the first warm weekend of the year, and steadily grew throughout the summer. This is an interesting phenomenon, but it can be explained using common sense. It makes sense that people commit more crimes in the summer than in the winter – more people are out and about, so there are more opportunities to make a mistake and be arrested. Also, because people are doing more activities in the summer than in the winter, criminals tend to strike when people aren’t at home – which is likely the cause for an increase in burglaries. Think about it, there are more activities in the summer: BBQ’s picnics, hiking, swimming, biking, driving to and from activities, and an increase in the consumption of alcohol. Whenever people are together, they are more likely to get frustrated or angry and do things they will regret later. Drinking and driving leads to DUI’s, the summer heat leads to frustration Harassment or Assault charges, and congested roads lead to road rage and Vehicular Assault charges. It’s easy to make a mistake and do something you’re going to regret.


Make a Mistake? Call a Bail Bondsman


Summer fun often leads to bad judgement and arrests. IF you have a loved one who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or who made a mistake and has been arrested, don’t hesitate to contact at experienced bail bondsman at All Day All Night Bail Bonds. We understand that mistakes are made – we don’t think these mistakes should hobble a person for the rest of their life. Contact one of our helpful, understanding bail agents to learn how to get your family member or friend out of jail fast so they can focus on their criminal case.