Police Interrogation Tactics after the Denver Arrest

  • Post published:July 23, 2015
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Learn about police interrogation tacticsYou just got the call: A loved one has been arrested and is now in jail. You’re not sure what the next step is – should you work to get a bail bond to get their release in Douglas County? Or is it better to be in jail for a while? People don’t often realize just how crucial the hours after an arrest really are. During this time, the police will usually try to get a defendant to confess to a crime – they use many different tactics to do this. It’s important to know how the police operate so you can advise your loved one on how to protect their rights. If you are interested in getting them out of jail as fast as possible, contactan experienced bail bondsman at All Day All Night Bail – we are here to help you.


Reid Technique for Interrogation


One of the most widely used interrogation strategies is the Reid technique. Created in the 1940’s, it is based around the following concepts:


  • Building a Rapport
  • Testing Truthfulness Using Controlled Answers
  • Body Language Observation


You may recognize this technique – it is used in movies and TV shows. It is also represented by the “good cop, bad cop” routine. First, police officers play the “bad cop” routine – they repeatedly deny any admissions of innocence, and provide a fake scenario to the defendant. Next, they switch gears to the “good cop” routine, where they provide an understanding, listening ear to the defendant, downplaying the morality and consequences of the crime, saying they “understand” why they did it.


Get Your Loved One Out of Jail Fast


It’s important that get your loved one out of jail fast. The hours after an arrest are crucial for their defense. The Reid technique is effective – many have wondered just how effective it is. False confessions are more common than you think. For example, after the Lindbergh kidnapping, the police interrogated many suspects using the Reid technique – over 200 people confessed to the crime. Obviously there weren’t that many conspirators involved in the abduction – instead, the Reid technique has some flaws. It’s important that your loved one not feel alone during the time after they have been arrested. If you want to get them out of jail fast, call one of our experienced, helpful bail bond agents. We are here to help!