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Do I Have to Pay Cash for Bail Bonds?

Do I Have to Pay Cash for Bail Bonds?There’s a popular saying that goes, “There’s a first time for everything.”  And that is true when it comes to being arrested.  No one ever plans on being arrested and so when it happens to you or a loved one it can be quite shocking.  We have taken the time to arrange posts like this to help answer your questions.  That’s why in today’s post we want to address a very common question surrounding bail bonds and posting bail, “Do I have to pay cash for bail bonds?”  Let’s begin by looking at your options.

Do I Have to Pay Cash for Bail Bonds?

To put it simply the answer is no.  In fact there are several convenient ways to pay for bail bonds.  Most bail bond agencies will accept a combination or all of the following forms of payment.

  • Check
  • Cashiers Check
  • Money Order
  • Credit/Debit
  • Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discovery
  • Cash

Some businesses even provide financing to break up the cost of bail bonds into smaller more manageable payments.  When you’re working with a bail bond agent it’s important to discuss what forms of payment they accept and if they offer any kind of financing.  Your bail bond agent will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding payment.  However it is important to ask questions and discuss payment before entering into an agreement or contract.

All Day All Night Bail Bonds – We’re There When You Need Us!

Do you still have questions surrounding posting bail for the first time?  Are you handling your first or a loved ones first arrest?  Contact our team at All Day All Night Bail Bonds and learn how we can help you – we’re there when you need us!  And we’re standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding bail bonds and the bail process.

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