Panhandling in Greeley: Harsher Consequences?

  • Post published:November 2, 2015
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Arrested for Homelessness? Panhandling bail bonds in Greeley Cities enact laws that can make life difficult for people. Often, it can be tough to even keep track of all the laws, let alone abide by the complicated rules. Recently, the Greeley City Council approved two revamped panhandling ordinances. The laws target curbside and aggressive panhandling, and make it possible for police officers to better enforce the law through issuing citations and warnings (because the laws are now included in the traffic code). Regardless of how you view these laws, it’s important that we look at the effects of making panhandling illegal.

Arrests for Panhandling & Homelessness in Colorado

In a report where over 400 homeless people were surveyed across Colorado, it was found that 36% of those surveyed have been arrested for the crime of homelessness. If we stop and look at this objectively, it doesn’t make much sense. The homeless don’t have jobs, and aren’t able to find shelter. How are they going to afford bail? How are they going to fight the criminal case against them? In many cases, homeless people try to get arrested during the cold months, simply so they have warm bed to sleep in. Additionally, when the homeless are criminalized, they are less likely to get a job later. According to the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, criminalizing the homeless is counterproductive: “They increase spells of homelessness by making it harder for people to get jobs and hold jobs, making it harder to get housing because they have a criminal record. We increase the likelihood they will remain homeless at great taxpayer expense.”

Friend Arrested for Panhandling? Get them Out of Jail Fast!

Panhandling is a bit different than homelessness, however. Often, those who are aggressively panhandling aren’t homeless – instead, they are running a con. Regardless of the situation, being arrested for panhandling or homelessness can be tough. If you have a friend or loved one who is currently in jail, consider bailing them out so they can begin planning their defense. Call All Day All Night Bail to get more information about the Greeley bail bonds process, and to get them released and back home quickly!