Overcoming the stress of getting arrested

  • Post published:June 12, 2022
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Going through an arrest and the subsequent court hearings that follow will always be a stressful situation no matter how severe the charges are. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way around this which is why it’s so important to do everything you can to minimize that anxiety it all can cause and take steps to move forward and hopefully come out stronger in the end. Here are some things to focus on during this time.  

Live in the moment

A case can take months to conclude and in the beginning, especially it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you have to do from hiring a lawyer to keeping up with bond conditions. One of the best ways to help stress and avoid that overwhelming feeling is to focus on the present moment and take on one task at a time. You may have an entire checklist but just thinking about the one task you are actually doing will keep you more productive and less frazzled so that you are able to knock out things without feeling like everything has to be done at once.

Stay on top of any rules or bond conditions

When a judge sets a bond it is also typically attached to a set of terms the defendant must follow which are known as bond conditions. Bond conditions can vary depending on the charges as well as the resources of the defendant, but they are typically just common standards such as maintaining or seeking employment, avoiding the use of alcohol and substances as well as checking in with a pretrial officer for things such as drug tests and updates. Any violation of these terms can lead to being detained again so it is vital that keeping in compliance is a number one priority.

Look back at the whole experience with insight

There is no denying that most will never forget the experience of getting arrested and going through a trial, but just because it was a lot to deal with doesn’t always mean that has to be looked back on in a negative light. Sometimes things happen that can act as a catalyst to turn lives around and if an experience is transformative it can put people on better paths. Whether the stress of it all makes someone feel like they never want to go through something like this again or it is able to help them take the first step towards getting the help they need, there are ways to turn bad situations into learning moments.

This too shall pass

The final takeaway that can sometimes help to calm the nerves is to just remind yourself that in the vast majority of cases, this is a temporary situation and with time you will overcome this. It can absolutely feel like a lot at the moment but there will come a point where it will all feel like a distant memory.