Missteps to avoid when using a bail bondsman

  • Post published:March 19, 2021
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

When it comes to working with a bail bondsman, the process itself is pretty easy to follow and the bail bondsman will of course walk you through but there are a few things that are really important to take note of so that no issues arise later either during negotiating release or after. Here are the basics.

Not complying with bail conditions

Bail conditions work a lot like terms of probation where the defendant has to follow a specific set of rules to stay in compliance while out on bail. The terms don’t tend to be as far-reaching as probation but most likely the judge will require that the defendant not travel and avoid alcohol and drugs. Other terms may require that the defendant check-in or perform drug tests but typically avoid illegal substances and travel are the big ones. If the defendant does not stay in compliance, it can result in being detained and the bond revoked by either the judge or bail bondsman.

Giving the wrong information on the application

When you call a bail bondsman, they will ask for certain information such as name, contact info, what charges are brought forth, and previous history. These are important factors that a bail bondsman needs to determine if they can help the defendant, but if the information given is either falsified or incorrect, it can affect the decision. If the bail bondsman grants a bond then later finds out the information given was purposefully incorrect, then they could potentially petition the court to release them from the bond and the defendant will be brought back for detainment.

Not making it to court and not communicating

The biggest mistake one could make when using a bail bondsman is to not show up to their scheduled court date. The entire purpose of a bond is to make sure the defendant shows, so when they do not, it not only leaves the bail bondsman in a position where they have to recoup the money they posted from the defendant, but it also put the defendant at a place where they will be facing a warrant for their arrest and probably additional charges as well. It is important to note that sometimes emergencies happen and sometimes there is a legitimate reason that one can’t make it but then communication is key and then the court date can be rescheduled.

To conclude, as long as the defendant follows the conditions, is upfront with information, and shows up their court date there should be no issues and the bail bondsman will always be happy to assist!