How To Explain a Parent’s Arrest to their Children

  • Post published:October 12, 2015
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How to explain a parent's arrest to a child.

Arrests are difficult for everyone involved. The person who is arrested obviously will deal with the trauma, shock, and surprise of being handcuffed and carted to jail, and family members are suddenly faced with the responsibility of balling them out of jail by working with a Greeley bail agent. But, children are often the most traumatized by an arrest. After all, if a parent is arrested, it throws a child into a panic – what will happen to them next? Will there parent be well-cared for? When will they come home? If a friend or loved one has been arrested, and you are tasked with telling their children of the arrest, you likely feel helpless and don’t know exactly how to go about telling them. Here at All Day All Night Bail Bonds, we have helped many people cope with the aftermath of an arrest. Here are a few tips for helping break the news to an arrestee’s children (you may also find this source useful):

How Children Feel after a Parent’s Arrest

It’s important to understand the emotions the child is likely feeling. Children will be concerned about whether or not their parent is hurt, fear because of their parents sudden loss of protection, and responsibility that they may have caused this situation to occur. Additionally, they may have a hard time separating themselves psychologically from their parent – depending on their age. Knowing the emotions they may be feeling will help you as you talk to them about their parent’s current situation.

Tips for Telling Children about an Arrest:

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you talk to kids about the arrest of one or both of their parents:

  • Don’t lie – tell them where there parent is. Don’t use a cover story, as children will only be bitter once they find out the truth.
  • Reassure the child it is not their fault.
  • Keep them informed – they’ll want to know a timeline for them coming home. Often, this is not an option, so keep kids up-to-date about occurrences in the case.
  • Answer their questions as to the crime their parents committed. Stress that the commission of the crime doesn’t make them a bad person.
  • Reassure kids of the love of their parents.
  • Offer your constant support and ability to listen, so that kids know they can talk to you if they have questions or concerns.

Call All Day All Night Bail Bonds for Expert Help

We have years of experience helping families during one of the most difficult situations in life they’ll face – after an arrest. During this time, you need answers to your many questions. That’s why you need the expert help of an experienced bail bondsman. Call one of our helpful bail bond agents to get answers to your questions, and to have someone walk you through the process of getting your loved one out of jail. We are here to help during this difficult time.