How Phone Calls Work In Detainment

  • Post published:August 24, 2019
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

We have all seen movies or tv shows that show someone getting arrested and using their one phone call to contact a loved one to help get them out of jail. But is this really the reality? Do you really only get one quick call and if they don’t answer you gave up your one shot? Well, let’s look more at it. 

All Prisons Don’t have the same rules

First and foremost, there may actually be some detainment facilities that do offer only one phone call but that may be just that one place. The rules can vary greatly from not only state to state but facility to facility.

You get one free call

When they mean one call, it usually means one free call but more often than not you are free to make as many calls as you need to but at a charge ranging from $2 to $4 a minute.

The receiver of the call is going to have to pay

Also, another to thing to take into consideration is that you will be required to make a collect call to whomever you are calling. The person on the other line will be told that they are receiving a collect call from the prison and they will have to either accept or decline the call. If possible try and call someone who will understand the predicament so that they are less likely to decline.

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