Greeley Bail Bonds for Burglary Charges

  • Post published:October 19, 2015
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Burglary bail bonds in GreeleyThere are many crimes charged across Colorado. A crime that is common misunderstood is Burglary. When you mention someone was arrested for Burglary, images of a masked bandit sneaking into a home to rob it are evoked. While robbing a residence or business often result in Burglary charges, there is a distinction about this crime we must understand. Often, people are arrested for Burglary and need bail bonds in Greeley or across the state. It’s helpful to understand exactly what a loved one is charged with if you are working to get them bailed out. Let’s look at Burglary charges so we can understand them better.


What is Burglary?


Burglary is charged when a person unlawfully enters a home or business, with the intent to commit a crime. If no crime is intended, Trespassing is charged. I recently read an interesting story that took place in Greeley. According to the Greeley Tribune, someone called the police because a “naked man with a beard” broke into his apartment, “raided his fridge and then left.” Because a crime was committed inside the apartment (possibly Public Indecency, and Theft for stealing the food), the suspicious naked man could face Burglary charges.


Friend Arrested for Burglary? Get Bail Bonds Fast


If you have a friend who has been arrested for Burglary, you need to work to get them out of jail quickly. Sitting in jail is difficult, both emotionally and physically. Burglary charges can be serious. And, it’s not difficult to be charged. Often, people are charged with Burglary after drinking too much. The “naked man” in Greeley, likely was intoxicated and thought it was a good idea to get food from his neighbor. If you got the call that a friend or family member was arrested for Burglary, call All Day All Night Bail Bonds to get the help you need. We have years of experience and can talk to you about the next steps you need to take to get your friend released. Additionally, we can often offer insight into what you should do after getting them released. Finding an experienced criminal defense lawyer is extremely helpful in protecting your friend from having a criminal background.


Disclaimer: This blog is not meant as legal advice, and is not written by a lawyer. As such, it may contain information that is not up-to-date or in line with current law. Please consult a criminal defense attorney if you or a friend is facing Burglary charges.