Different Types of Bail in Colorado

  • Post published:October 5, 2015
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Colorado: Types of BailThere are many different ways to post bail when a person is arrested in Greeley and across Colorado. If you are looking to get someone released from jail, you need to know the options so you can make the most informed decision. Don’t hesitate to call an experienced bail agent here at All Day All Night Bail Bonds. We love to answer your questions and help you when you need it most – immediately after a loved one is arrested. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at the different types of bail you can use to get someone out of jail in Greeley.

Property Bonds

This type of bond is rare in Greeley and throughout Colorado. Occasionally, the court allows the defendant to use property as collateral to be released from jail. The court places a lien on the property – in return, the defendant is released. If the defendant skips bail, the court can foreclose on the property.

Own Recognizance

Another way to be released from jail in Greeley is on a person’s “own recognizance.” Basically, court administrators interview an arrestee and determine if a person can be released without any financial security, based on a number of factors.

Cite Out (Criminal Summons)

This usually occurs immediately after a person is arrested, when the arresting officer tells the defendant where and when they need to appear in court.

Surety Bond

One of the most common ways to get out of jail is to obtain a surety bond (bail bond). Simply put, a bail bond is a series of contracts, or insurance between the bail bondsman and the court that the defendant will appear in court. The bail bondsman (and their surety company) will be held responsible for the full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear. Because of this, bail agents usually require a person to provide collateral. This person, the “guarantor” (co-signer), is saying they will also be held responsible for the defendant if they fail to appear. They could lose their collateral if the defendant skips bail.

Cash Bail

For this type of bail, the defendant or someone acting on behalf of the defendant, must pay the full bail amount in cash. This cash will be held by the court until the end of the person’s trial, at which point it will be returned in full.

Confused about the Different Types of Bail? Call All Day All Night Bail Bonds to Get Help

There are many different aspects involved in obtaining the release of a loved one from jail. If you have any questions about the different ways a person can be released, don’t hesitate to call All Day All Night Bail Bonds. We are here to help you every step of the way!