Bounty Hunter or a Bail Bondsmen: What’s the Difference?

  • Post published:April 4, 2018
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

Bounty Hunter or Bail Bondsman?At All Day All Night Bail Bonds we value and care about educating people about the bail bond industry.  Which means addressing common questions and misconceptions about bail bonds, the legal system, and anything pertaining to the industry.  That’s why in today’s post we wanted to address a very common misconception surrounding the bail industry. We will be addressing the question- bounty hunter or a bail bondsmen: what’s the difference?  In order to help better educate everyone about our industry. Let’s begin by looking at the question.

Bounty Hunter or a Bail Bondsmen: What’s the Difference?

This question is often raised by people who are only familiar with bounty hunters.  Or bail bondsmen as portrayed by movies and t.v. shows.  Often times when they think of a bail bondsman they image fictional scenes in which a bounty hunter, sometimes mislabeled as a bondsmen, comes crashing in and hauling away someone on the run from the law.  It’s true that fictional portrayals have blurred the lines and made the two distinct jobs one in the same. The difference between the two roles is really quite simple.

Bail Bondsmen  Describes someone who works with a bail bond company or agency.  When a defendant is arrested they help the defendant post bail. The bail bondsmen is at risk to losing money if the defendant doesn’t show up to their required court dates.  Or if they try to flee altogether. If a defendant flees a bail bondsmen can hire the services of a bounty hunter in order to bring them in.

Bounty Hunter  Now when a defendant flees, skips bail, or violates the terms of their release a bounty hunter may be hired in order to track them down.  Bounty hunters are licensed individuals who by law are able to make arrests and track down fugitives.

Now some bail bondsmen can be licensed bounty hunters – while this isn’t very typical it is possible and legal for them to hold both jobs.  Holding these two jobs can be beneficial as it helps cut out the middleman and will help save time. Do you have more questions about the bail bond industry or need help bailing someone out of jail – call our professional team today!  We’re standing by 24/7 to take your call!