Cosigning for a Bail Bond: What are the Risks?

  • Post published:January 22, 2018
  • Post category:Bail Bonds

What are the risks to cosigning?There are a number of reasons why you could be considering cosigning for a bail bond.  A friend may have called you up out of the blue with a panicked request.  Or a family member is in need of a little extra help right now.  We understand wanting to be there for your friends and family.  And how important it is for someone to be released from jail as soon as possible.  No matter what the reason is it’s important to ask yourself the following question when cosigning for a bail bond: what are the risks?  In today’s post we’re going to take a closer look at what it means to cosign on a bail bond and what risks are involved.  If you’re considering cosigning on someone’s bail bond you’ll want to keep these things in mind.

What are your responsibilities?

As a co-signer on someone’s bail it’s important for you to understand your responsibilities.  When you agree to cosign on someone’s bail that makes you the Indemnitor.  As the indemnitor you guarantee that the defendant will be present to their court hearing(s).  And that they will continue to pay for any fees or expenses associated with their bail and release.  While this may not sound so bad it’s important for you to understand what happens if they are delinquent in any areas surround their case and release.

When you agree to cosign on someone’s bail there is always the risk that they will not uphold their part of their release.  If they decide not to show up to their court hearing(s) or if they can’t or won’t pay their bail fee this responsibility falls on you.  This can cause a huge financial headache and not to mention add unnecessary stress to your life.

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