What are walk-through bonds and how they can potentially save you from being arrested

In most instances, when someone is going to get arrested, it will happen then and there. However, there are some circumstances where one may have to wait to be arrested or may not have even known that there was a warrant out for their arrest. This can be extremely stressful if you are in the position where you feel like you just have to wait for it to happen, but if you are bracing for an arrest or even just have some kind of inkling that there may be a warrant out for your arrest, there are actually things you can do and in fact, there is a type of bond that could potentially keep you out of jail! Here is a quick guide for things you need to know.

What is a walk-through bond and how can a bail bondsman help?

When it comes to arrests that have not happened yet, the very first thing you should do is get in contact with a local bail bonds agency. This is because these agencies have the ability to search databases to confirm if there is in fact a warrant out and what the charges are attached to it. If there is a warrant, another benefit of talking with a bail bonds agent is that they can also see if a bond cost has been set in which case they can help you obtain what is known as a walk-through bond. Walk-through bonds are different from any other type of bond because it allows for the ability to pay the bond cost prior to arrest. By arranging a walk-through bond, in most cases, you can actually avoid having to be arrested at all. It is important to note however that a walk-through bond will not keep you from needing to go to court for hearings, it just means that you won’t have to be physically detained and go through the entire booking process prior to the hearing.

What to do if you are not eligible for a walk-through bond

Unfortunately, not all outstanding bonds are eligible to use as walk-through bonds. If the warrant does not have a bond pre-set, it means that an arrest must occur to move forward. Some reasons for this to occur would be that the warrant is out for someone who has already not shown up for a hearing or perhaps the warrant is stemming from some type of internal investigation that requires the person to be detained and questioned prior to a bond hearing. In any case, this does not mean that there is no action one can take. If you know that an arrest is inevitable, then you still have the power to control how it happens. One of the biggest stresses that occur from a pending warrant is not knowing when or how it will happen but it may be useful to get in contact with a lawyer to help negotiate a surrender. This can be beneficial in a number of ways. It will give you time to organize and take care of things while also relieving the fears of being arrested in front of loved ones or during inopportune times. The other main benefit to surrendering as opposed to waiting for an arrest is it just overall looks better to the courts. The judge will view this as a sign of taking responsibility which could potentially lead to lower bond costs and sometimes lesser sentencing.

In the end, if there is a warrant out there for you or a loved one’s arrest, some form of action will need to be taken but the power of knowledge as well as the assistance of a bail bondsman can give you back a lot of control in this circumstance. If you are in Colorado and suspect there may be a warrant out or simply have questions about walk-through bonds, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we would be happy to help!