Navigating the holidays without arrests

The holiday season is officially upon on us which means that while everyone is enjoying the time and celebrating, it tends to also be a much busier time for law enforcement. Whether it be the experience one has with detainment during the holidays or simply actions you and your loved ones can take to avoid any run-ins, here are some helpful things to know to navigate the holidays without issue!

Impaired driving and theft are the top reasons for arrest

The holidays are a time of lots of celebrating and partying which in turn means ample opportunities for drinking and driving. This tends to be one of the biggest issues law enforcement deals with from Thanksgiving into the New Year. In addition to this, especially in years like now where inflation is so high and the money does not stretch as well as it used to, theft also tends to spike at significant rates.

Getting out of jail may take a little longer

Getting arrested during the holidays may prove to be a bit more stressful than other times of the year due to overloaded court systems and police. While by law a defendant cannot be held for more than 48-72 hours before being brought to see a judge, it is important to know that this is essentially business hours which means weekends and holidays can extend this. During other times of the year, it is not uncommon to have a bond hearing within 24 hours but during the busy season, it can be days before a defendant can be released on bond.  

Ways to ensure a peaceful holiday

One doesn’t have to be stressed or scared about potentially getting arrested, it just requires taking action to keep yourself out of precarious situations by planning ahead of time. If you think there may be even a small possibility that you will be drinking while attending a party or gathering, then go for an Uber to take you to and from the destination. This way you will have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with your car being left anywhere, there won’t be any DUI checkpoints that you will have to go through and you will arrive home safely with no issue. It is easy for tempers to flare during this time as well but starting shopping early, buying online and searching for sales can alleviate some of the pressure as well as just understanding some compassion for others as well as yourself. It’s understandable that everyone gets caught up in the idea of making everything perfect and having only the best gifts but overextending leads to desperation and it truly is the thought that counts!

To sum up, the holidays, as wonderful and exciting as they are, can often lead to more pressure, and opportunities to make less than helpful decisions that can get us in trouble. The key is to plan accordingly, keep a cool head, don’t overextend yourself to keep up, and cherish the festive memories!