All Day All Night Bail Bonds serves virtually every city and county in Colorado. From Denver and the surrounding areas to the Northern Colorado Front Range. Simply said, All Day All Night is the biggest Bail Bond Agency in Colorado. If you have been arrested, or a loved one is in jail, you need experts on your side to get out of jail fast. We have years of experience, and we know the courts in Colorado inside out and out. We work hard to offer the best customer care, fastest service, and quickest release.

Frequently Asked Bail Questions

Before you give us a call, there are a few pieces of information you need to have on-hand to speed up the bail process:

  • Defendant’s Location: Where is the arrested person being held? Please include the city, state, and the name of the jail.
  • Defendant’s Name & Booking Number: Please have the full name of the person in jail, as well as their booking number (having the booking number speeds up the process, but if you can’t find it, our agents can get it for you).
  • Bail Amount: If you know this amount before you give us a call, we’ll be able to tell you the bond requirements and how much it will cost you to post a bond. If you can’t determine this number before calling, we will be able to find it for you.

We work with people who live out of state all the time. Just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process to help your loved one! We provide our defendant application and payment options online for this purpose.

Bail bonds cost different amounts, depending on the defendant’s bail. In Colorado, the bail premium is set by law in order to protect the public, and is a small percentage of the full bail amount. A breakdown of your costs would be as follows:

  • A small percentage of the defendant’s bail (this varies – contact us to learn more).
  • Booking, bonding, or filing fees for the court or jail (typically $5-$50 each).

We offer payment plans to our clients, because we want the bail bonding process to be as simple and stress-free as possible. Our payment plans and options (including credit card, money orders, and more) allow you to bail out your loved one without having the additional stress of coming up with a large amount of money all at once.

When you co-sign a bail bond, you are taking financial responsibility for the full bail amount should the defendant fail to make their court appearance (this is called skipping bail). The co-signer is referred to as the “Indemnitor” on the bond and will be responsible for paying any incurred should the defendant fail to appear in court.

In the unfortunate situation that a defendant is arrested again while out on bail, you can decide to surrender the bond once they are back in custody. This would terminate your liability. However, you would need to post two new bonds, and pay the premium on each in order for them to be released.

Call Your Local Office Now and Get Started on a Colorado Bail Bond

Adams County Courthouse

Adams County:

(303) 659-5600

Arapahoe County Court

Arapahoe County:

(303) 790-4500

Aurora Justice Center


(303) 428-9800

boulder county court

Boulder County:

(303) 449-8200

Broomfield County Courthouse

Broomfield County:

(303) 271-0808

Denver Courthouse


(303) 920-4433

Douglas county courthouse

Douglas County:

(303) 688-6666

El Paso County court buildings

El Paso County:

(719) 583-2663

Fremont County court buildings

Fremont County:

(719) 583-2663

Gilpin County Courthouse

Gilpin County:

(303) 271-0808

Jefferson county courthouse

Jefferson County:

(303) 271-0808

Larimer County Courthouse

Larimer County:

(970) 461-9800

Logan County Bail Bonds - Court

Logan County:


Loveland Municipal Court Building


(970) 221-3200

Mesa County Court Buildings

Mesa County:


Morgan County Court Buildings

Morgan County:

(970) 867-7500

Pueblo County court

Pueblo County:

(719) 583-2663

Otero Courthouse

Southern Colorado

(719) 583-2663

Weld County Court

Weld County:

(970) 356-5353

Photo of Greeley Municipal Court building


(970) 356-5353

Tips for Finding the Best Colorado Bail Bondsman

It’s a daunting task – finding a bail bondsman you can trust. If you have a loved one in jail in the Front Range, or anywhere across Colorado, you need to find an agency where you can obtain Colorado bail bonds. The time immediately after the arrest of a loved one is difficult and crucial: Difficult, because you are concerned about the well-being of your loved one, and crucial, because bailing them out quickly is of the utmost importance. Here are a few tips for finding the best bail agency in Colorado – and why All Day All Night Bail Bonds is the best choice.

Choose a Local Agency

When you are looking for a Colorado bail bondsman, choose an agency that has agents who are experienced in the specific county where you or a loved one is being held. Each county and jail has its own unique ways of doing things - it's helpful to work with someone who understands this.

Choose at 24/7 Agency

Another important thing to look for when choosing an agency is to look for one that is open 24/7. You need help immediately after an arrest - not in the morning. Arrests don't happen at convenient times.

Look for Experience

It's important that you choose an experienced agency to obtain Colorado bail bonds. You're not just looking for someone to go to the jail and post bond for you. A bail agent does more for you than that - they are by your side throughout the criminal process. They'll help you make your court dates, and offer much-needed insight and advice!

Why All Day All Night Bail Bonds
Is the Best Choice for Bail Bonds in Colorado

All Day All Night Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping people during a difficult time – not just providing bail bonds in the Front Range and across Colorado. We help our clients through every step of the process: From bailing them out of jail, to getting them the consents they need, and reminding them to get to court on time. Our agents have years of experience, and have worked in the courts and jails in each county in Colorado. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, because we know that arrests don’t happen during convenient times. Call us to get the help you need – we have offices all throughout the Front Range, and will help you obtain Colorado bail bonds quickly so you or a loved one can get out of jail fast!

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