No Collateral Bail Bonds

If you are looking for no collateral bail bonds near me, look no further. We provide bail bonds with no collateral needed because we understand the importance of being able to get out of jail quickly and affordably. 

What are No Collateral Bail Bonds?

Collateral is a requirement in some cases to obtain a bail bond (learn more about bail and bail bonds here). Bail agents may require the person obtaining the bond to put up collateral as well as pay the bondsman’s fee. If the defendant skips bail, the bond is forfeit. The court may seize collateral to sell to cover the full bail amount.

There are many different types of collateral. Common collateral options include property (such as a home), jewelry, or other assets of a certain value. Typically, property such as a home is the most common form of collateral. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the court will seize the property to sell and cover the cost of the bail amount. It takes weeks to collect property bail, and the “estate being sold must be determined to equal at least 150% of what is owed the court” (source).

What Type of Collateral is Common?


Real estate is the most common form of collateral. In the event of bail forfeiture, the property will be seized and sold.


Jewelry can be used as collateral. Other pawnable items may be used as well. If the defendant forfeits bail, it will be sold.


Cars and other vehicles are additional options for collateral for a bail bond. These items will be sold if bail is forfeit by skipping bail.

No Collateral Bail Bondsman

Collateral adds additional complications to obtaining a bail bond and getting a loved one or yourself out of jail. All Day All Night Bail Bonds is a no collateral bail bondsman – we do offer bonds without the use of collateral. We have years of experience in the bail industry, provide excellent customer service, are open 24/7, and provide payment plans. 

We Offer Payment Plans & Options

Our agents understand the need for a fast bailout. Sitting in jail unnecessarily is mentally and emotionally difficult, and may even impact a defendant’s criminal case. Getting yourself or your loved one out of jail quickly after an arrest is essential. We offer payment plans and the ability to pay with a credit card, which means you won’t be scrambling to find the funds for a bail bond. Additionally, with our no collateral bail bonds, you won’t need to find suitable collateral either. We’re all about getting out of jail as quickly as possible. 

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No Collateral Bail Bonds Near Me

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced agents 24/7 to learn more about no collateral bail bonds and getting a fast bailout! Our agents operate all throughout the state of Colorado. Looking for an agent near you is important because the agent will have experience in the specific courts and jails in your area. This can be extremely helpful as you work to obtain the release of your loved one quickly and without mountains of paperwork.

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