Murder Bail Bonds
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A common question we get is about murder bail bonds. Bail is not allowed for First-Degree murder charges in the state of Colorado, due to the severity of the crime (source). Bail may be an option for 2nd-degree and manslaughter charges, however. Learn more about big bail and your options below.

First-Degree Murder Bail Bond Options

In Colorado, bail is not allowed for those charged with a capital offense, including First-Degree Murder or First-Degree Murder of a Peace Officer or Fireman. This is due to the severity of the offense and the potential risk to the public. The best action you can take if you or a loved one has been charged with First-Degree Murder is to find an experienced criminal defense attorney and begin working on fighting your case.

Bail is sometimes allowed for lesser murder charges, such as Second-Degree Murder, Manslaughter, Vehicular Homicide, and Criminally Negligent Homicide. In some situations, bail will not be set, such as if the alleged offense took place while the person was on parole, or if they have a previous conviction of a crime of violence (read the entire bail statute here). When a judge sets bail for this offense, it is usually quite high. Bail amounts can range anywhere from $100,000 to above one million dollars.

Lesser Murder Charges: Bail Options

Are You Facing a Big Bail Amount? How to Get a Fast Bailout

Big bail amounts are daunting. This is because bail, when paid outright, must be in cash, and it must be in full. Not many people have such large amounts of cash readily available. When you work with a bail agent, you don’t have to come up with such a large amount of money. Instead, you only need to pay the bail bondsman’s fee. It is only a small percentage of the full bail amount. Additionally, bail agents offer payment plans and options, especially for murder bail charges. This includes the ability to pay with a credit card, as well as payment plans.

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The Importance of Court Dates After Using a Murder Bail Bond

If someone is out on bail after a lesser murder offense charge, appearing for all court dates is extremely important. If you miss the court date, the bail bond will go into forfeiture, and the entire bail amount will be due. The court will sell the collateral to cover the full bail amount.

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